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Chemistry student and IT lover. I try to increase my ability every day in the area I love...

IT Solutions

For the most up-to-date systems and software, I follow news almost every day


It's very important to have high-performance systems to cut costs, but with a lot of knowledge about the system.


Having a thorough planning is one of the principles of network management, but it requires a lot of experience.


The achievements of a network may be destroyed overnight, so finding solutions to disaster is very important.
What do I do?

My main expertise is in the field of the network, especially network services and virtualization. But I am studying all the components to get in touch with the AT team
I do not know much programming, but I'm very interested in scripting and I'm using it to automate it.
There are many tools to learn, such as in-person or virtual courses, reading books, research, or search on Google.
I am in love with computer networks, which makes it more attractive to me when I try to know How to communicate between components and their interactions.
I like coffee, milk, and tea, but I do not use them for the time I want to focus.
One of my interests is photography, and this is always done with my cell phone and I want to hunt the best moments.
Teamwork is very valuable to me and I always try to coordinate with the group and build a team for quick work.

To introduce myself, I would say that I am a chemistry student && I love computers and computer networks, and that's why I try it every day.
Different people have different opinions about me, but they all agree that I have to move towards my interest.
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